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March 2014 Advanced Placement Results, 2011-12 and 2012-13 McMillen, Brad
Muli, Juliana

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Students in Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) continue to score well on AP exams with an increased percentage of students enrolling in the courses. As in past years, in 2013 the district had higher average AP exam scores compared to the state and the nation. WCPSS had 76.6% of scores 3 or higher in 2013 (qualified and above). Again in both 2012 and 2013, a high number of students took exams in Environmental Science, English Language & Composition, Psychology, and Statistics. Schools can use these data to benchmark themselves against their own past performance as well as their peers across the district. Encouraging more students to participate in AP classes and take the exams, in addition to other high-level coursework, should help WCPSS graduates be college and career-ready.

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December 2011 WCPSS Magnet Schools Assistance Program Final Performance Report 2010-2011 Baenen, Nancy
Henderson, Margaret
Regan, Roger
Reichstetter, Rosemary
Van Dyk, Pam

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The Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) is a federal grant initiative designed to reduce or eliminate minority group isolation in K-12 schools where minority groups comprise a substantial population. This report reflects the success of the two middle schools and one high school involved in the grant across Years 1-3 plus Year 4, the "no cost extension" (NCE) year. The three goal areas include Desegregation and Choice, Building Capacity, and Academic Achievement. Schools had the most success with the measures that were under their most direct control--implementing the magnet strategies funded through the grant, adding curriculum and resources, and enhancing the offerings and attractiveness of the schools. While EOG/EOC proficiency improved compared to before the grant, the increase was not sufficient to reach the lofty achievement goals.

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February 2011 End-of-Course (EOC) Multiple-Choice Test Results, 2009-10 Haynie, Glenda

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End-of-Course (EOC) tests are given statewide in selected courses typically taken in high school. Results for 2009-10 (and prior years, where available) are reported in terms of both average scale scores and the percentage of students scoring proficient. For the first time in 2009-10, all students who scored at Level II on EOCs were retested. Retests added 3.7 to 5.8 percentage points to the overall proficiency rates on each test. Changes in performance between 2008-09 and 2009-10 varied by group and by course, although most ethnic groups saw increases in both proficiency and average scale scores across the board. Despite gains of the last three to five years, Hispanic/Latino students, students from lower-income backgrounds, and students with limited English proficiency (LEP) scored below their corresponding NC state rates. The LEP subgroup is barely above 50% proficient. It is imperative that progress for these groups continue to accelerate.

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