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So that you can bring your better half (wife or husband) to call home in the us as an eco-friendly card owner (permanent resident), you really must be either a U.S. resident or card holder that is green.

You’re a:

Your partner is:

How to utilize

Within the united states of america (through legal admission or parole)

Away from United States Of America

Once the Form I-130 is authorized, it will likely be delivered for consular processing additionally the consulate or embassy will offer notification and processing information. See type directions to find out more.

Green card owner (Permanent resident)

In the usa (through legal admission or parole)

File Form I-130. Following a visa quantity becomes available, use to regulate status to residency that is permanent Form I-485. NOTE: Unless the beneficiary (your spouse) had an immigrant visa petition or work official official certification pending just before April 30, 2001, the beneficiary will need to have continuously maintained legal status in the us so that you can adjust status. Continue Reading . . .