Principal Dance-Off raises school spirit and 2,459 book donations


Principals Barry Richburg and Chas Miller found a way to combine their humor, passion for education, and school spirit at Principal Dance-Off 2014, an event on March 27 to gather books for WAKE Up and Read. See the Facebook album. >>

Families streamed into Ligon Magnet Middle School for the event, the line wrapping around the school. They carried signs and wore shirts boasting their schools of choice. 

Stacey Massengill, a school psychologist who splits her time between Powell and Conn, had a tough decision on which school to support. So she sewed together a T-shirt for each school (see photo).

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.05.31 PMEach principal delivered a masterfully choreographed dance, Richburg sampling “What Does the Fox Say,” and Miller focusing on 1980s breakdance. Miller event worked his way into the crowd and pulled Board of Education Chairwoman Christine Kushner from her seat to join him.

Upon getting back to the stage, Miller brought out a secret weapon—his son appeared from behind a “Powell Rocks” sign wearing a Run DMC shirt to match his dad’s.

In the end, Miller was crowned the 2014 dancing champion. But there was another great outcome to the event—the Ligon auditorium overflowed with fans, and the event raised 2,459 books for the WAKE Up and Read March book drive.

The book drive runs through Saturday, March 29. Where to bring your donations. >>

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