Vance Elementary teacher receives AHPERD grant

The NC Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance presented Vance Elementary teacher Tonya Wicker with a Friends of NCAAHPERD Grant at its convention in Raleigh.

Wicker plans to use the grant to enhance the use of technology within the physical education setting at her school.  The grant will enable the Physical Education classroom to incorporate 21st century learning skills and increase students time on task and level of engagement. The wide projector screen she will purchase will provide a clear background for students in physical education to view a variety of different Apps including Timers, Fitnessgram demos, Speedstack videos, Line Dance and class-created videos for assessments. The Timer app would help maximize time on task during instant activities, warm ups and centers. Fitnessgram demos would help provide a visual for students to perform fitness components with the correct technique and the class made videos would help the teacher provide feedback to the class.

The AHPERD profession will benefit from the grant by allowing participants to attend regional physical education PLT meetings at the school. Wicker will be able to host the Regional Physical Education PLT and share use of the wide screen with other faculty at her school.

Wicker is planning a health and wellness night. She hopes local businesses will be able to use the wide screen projector for presentations that will get the community moving at these events.

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