A reason to be thankful at Mary Phillips High School

It didn’t take long for the students at Mary Phillips High School to list all of the things they were thankful for as they prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. They came up with so many reasons, they created a turkey and each feather listed a reason for thanks.

“I’m thankful for my school family,” Djuana Lassiter wrote. “I’m thankful for life, health, and strength,” Dejia Moore wrote. Tiara Clark wrote, “I’m thankful for the people who taught me to be an independent young lady.”

Tiara Clark, Djuana Lassiter, Dejia Moore share reasons to be Thankful.

The heartwarming thoughts and reasons to be thankful were enough for Principal Daniel Colvin and his staff to reach out to Child Nutrition Services to organize a full-blown Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings for the 200 students at Mary Phillips High School. WCPSS Catering Manager Bill Colavita didn’t miss a beat as he served up plate after plate of turkey and dressing along with mashed potatoes, string beans, and gravy. Thanks to the staff, homemade desserts of cakes, pies, cookies and other sweets, filled two tables. It was more than enough to show the students that their teachers and staff at Mary Phillips truly cared.

Darius McClain, a 12th grader at Mary Phillips, says it’s one of the best Thanksgiving dinners he’s enjoyed in a long time. “I’m thankful for what I do have,” Darius said. “I don’t think about what I don’t have. Even if I only had a granola bar, I’d be thankful for that.”

Colvin says Darius has perfect attendance and goes above and beyond daily in his academic and personal endeavors.

“Many of our students face enormous personal challenges every day,” Colvin said. “This Thanksgiving dinner was our way of showing our students how much we care about each of them. We know that this may be the only Thanksgiving dinner some of our students may have, so we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving as the Mary E. Phillips family.” 



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