Studying Holidays Around The World

The students in Purabi Dey’s second grade class at Stough Elementary have spent recent weeks in their social studies lessons studying holidays around the world. Ms. Dey has incorporated the study of cultures around the world and their holiday celebrations into song, dance, costume and dramatic readings, culminating in a performance by her children.

The students study winter holiday activities in a number of countries and cultures and examine traditions here in the US.

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Second graders in Ms. Dey’s class at Stough Elementary sing and dance in a performance that shows what they learned in a social studies discussion of holidays around the world.

Ms. Dey is a native of India and she shares information about India with her students.

For a long time, Indians have used music and dance to express their deep feelings about their culture. People in India celebrate many special holidays during the year. One of them is called “Diwali,” Festival of Lights. Each year in early November, this festival is celebrated by Hindu Indians for three days. During Diwali, thousands of lamps are placed along the rooftops, roads and outside houses. Also, the houses are decorated with lights by placing a candle in every window and they have beautiful fireworks all night. People wear new clothes and exchange sweets with their family, friends and relatives.