ParentVision: Learning Math at Home

We recently shared some information about supporting literacy instruction at home for young children. We continue in that vein with some tips for helping our youngest children get ahead in math on today’s ParentVision podcast.

Here’s an expanded list of tips for helping your young child with math, with thanks to the state Department of Public Instruction:

  • Find opportunities to count; i.e. how many people are in your family or how many people are in line at the grocery store.
  • Draw a picture of your family and talk about the position of family members; i.e. beside, between, in front etc.
  • Clap a pattern for your family to copy.
  • When you are cooking, invite your child to help measure. Compare sizes of various measuring tools (cups and spoons).
  • Look at some coins. Sort and count the number of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • Work a puzzle together.
  • Construct shapes using materials such as straws, play dough, pipe cleaners, Q-tips or silverware.
  • Choose a special “shape of the week” and find it in many places.
  • Draw pictures to tell as story, telling what happened first, next and last.
  • Look at a calendar. Discuss what day, week and month it is. Go over what comes next.
  • Have your child estimate how long it will take to clean his or her room.