Data as of 9/30/2017

Buckhorn Creek Elementary (E-45)

Key Facts:

5651 Honeycutt Road
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Type: New School
Acreage: 22.00
New Sq. Ft. : 112,598
Plan: 2013
Budget: $35,917,641
Anticipated Occupancy: Aug, 2018
Architect: Moseley Architects
Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Project Milestones:

Start Design: Dec. 2, 2015
Notice to Proceed: May. 3, 2017

Project Summary:

This will be the third use of the Moseley Architects prototype - 780-student elementary school, with a core to support 900. It has three classroom wings that will be perpendicular to the main corridor. Two wings will be two-stories.

Project Status:

Building: Area A - Exterior metal stud framing in progress, Interior metal stud framing in progress, OH and in wall PME rough in in progress; Area B - CMU nearing completion. Steel scheduled for week of Oct 2nd; Area C - Steel erection is complete. Roof Deck in progress; Area D - Slab on grade is complete; Area E - Slab on grade prep is complete. Elevator Pit and masonry CMU walls in progress; SITE: Curb and Gutter complete. Stone base at all onsite road and parking areas complete. Roof drain tie-ins nearing completion Duke Power installing primary power and site lighting installation. No Mow seeding in progress; OFF SITE: Utility relocation coordination in progress at all offsite intersections. Existing ROW has been staked at all offsite work to assist in easement and utility coordination. Pot holing existing utilities in progress. Slab on Grade and Steel erection are in progress; Curbs and gutters are complete; Primary power installation and site lighting in progress; No Mow seeding



Item Original Budget Current Budget Committed Budget
Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $28,134,065
Design $1,014,638 $1,194,800 $1,071,520
Construction $17,763,618 $26,123,217 $26,121,611
Misc. Contracts $586,299 $1,116,957 $498,049
FF&E $3,005,514 $2,781,068 $0
Public Infrastructure $1,451,013 $4,701,599 $442,885
Municipal $0 $0 $0
Sub Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $28,134,065
Land $0 $0 $0