Data as of 10/31/2017

Buckhorn Creek Elementary (E-45)

Key Facts:

5651 Honeycutt Road
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Type: New School
Acreage: 22.00
New Sq. Ft. : 112,598
Plan: 2013
Budget: $35,917,641
Anticipated Occupancy: Aug, 2018
Architect: Moseley Architects
Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Project Milestones:

Start Design: Dec. 2, 2015
Notice to Proceed: May. 3, 2017

Project Summary:

This will be the third use of the Moseley Architects prototype - 780-student elementary school, with a core to support 900. It has three classroom wings that will be perpendicular to the main corridor. Two wings will be two-stories.

Project Status:

The BBC team has started installing the sidewalks around the faculty parking lots. Top soil is placed in all areas except for within 100 feet of the building. The team has started the prep for the walking track and playground. They have finished installing the temp roads around the site as well as the concrete installation for the loading dock and chiller yard. The team is currently prepping for the installation of the roofing system. Steel erection in Areas B and D has started.



Item Original Budget Current Budget Committed Budget
Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $28,137,281
Design $1,014,638 $1,194,800 $1,071,520
Construction $17,763,618 $26,123,217 $26,121,611
Misc. Contracts $586,299 $1,116,957 $500,238
FF&E $3,005,514 $2,781,068 $0
Public Infrastructure $1,451,013 $4,701,599 $443,912
Municipal $0 $0 $0
Sub Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $28,137,281
Land $0 $0 $0