Data as of 02/28/2018

Buckhorn Creek Elementary (E-45)

Key Facts:

5651 Honeycutt Road
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Type: New School
Acreage: 22.00
New Sq. Ft. : 112,598
Plan: 2013
Budget: $35,917,641
Anticipated Occupancy: Aug, 2018
Architect: Moseley Architects
Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Project Milestones:

Start Design: Dec. 2, 2015
Notice to Proceed: May. 3, 2017

Project Summary:

This will be the third use of the Moseley Architects prototype - 780-student elementary school, with a core to support 900. It has three classroom wings that will be perpendicular to the main corridor. Two wings will be two-stories.

Project Status:

Site: Tree planting is continuing, Site light install is complete, Pump station install has started Off Site: Utility relocation coordination in progress at all offsite intersections, Priority 1 – CM was released to start work, Water line tap and installation to the site has started, Priority 2 – CM is expecting release to start work the week late January 2018, Priority 3 & 4 areas have been staked.  Priority 3&4 area plat was recorded and our CM will be able to start work in late February 2018. Priority 5 Plat was recorded and our CM able to start work middle of April 2018. Priority 6 Plat is in progress.  Plat has not been recorded yet.  Building: Area A - Prime Paint is complete, Ceiling Grid is in progress, Above Ceiling preparation is progress Area B - Pipe and duct insulation in progress, Sprinkler rough in complete, Ceiling grid to start the week of 1/29, Kitchen Hood and Cooler / Freezer install is scheduled. Area C - Ceiling Grid in progress, Above Ceiling Inspection preparation is in progress Ar



Item Original Budget Current Budget Committed Budget
Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $31,262,172
Design $1,014,638 $1,194,800 $1,086,120
Construction $17,763,618 $26,123,217 $26,121,611
Misc. Contracts $586,299 $1,124,957 $500,238
FF&E $3,005,514 $2,773,068 $18,388
Public Infrastructure $1,451,013 $4,701,599 $3,535,815
Municipal $0 $0 $0
Sub Total $23,821,082 $35,917,641 $31,262,172
Land $0 $0 $0